1100 litre wheelie bin

Height: 1.40m / Width: 1.26m

1100 litre wheelie bin

Height: 1.40m / Width: 1.26m

As larger four-wheeled bin, with a capacity equivalent to around 15-18 bags of waste. Lockable wheels and lids to ensure safety and security, bins are colour-coded depending on waste types (general, recycling, or hazardous) and local regulations. Contact Business Waste to arrange a free bin and suitable collection frequencies.

If you produce a lot of waste and want to reduce your collection intervals, or need to be able to store an increased amount of bags, the 1100 litre bin is the largest wheelie bin that Business Waste offer. It has the capacity to take around 15-18 bags of waste – this can include general, recycling and hazardous.

The bins are available in a variety of colours so they can be colour-coded to make it easier for employees to manage waste. With lockable wheels and lid, safety and security are both at the forefront of these bins. Although not suitable for glass recycling, they are ideal for paper, plastic and card – and dry mixed recycling is strongly encouraged. The bins meet all relevant regulations.

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